Start here: a guide to proposals

Proposal Process
There are two types of proposals a wizard may want to put forth for the House of Wizards to vote on:

  1. Multidisciplinary projects that benefit the cult
  2. Process & governance for the House of Wizards

You must own a wizard, beast, pony, or warrior to submit a proposal.

*In the future, we will roll out processes for specific Ministries (ie Ministry of Art for art commissions) but for now, we’re just ironing out the proposal process using larger scale projects that warrant a community vote.

This process will foster new collaborations among our Cult. The sum of our diverse backgrounds will yield many incredible projects! Let’s promote and introduce all types of wizards to one another and create !magik. :sparkles:

The process has four phases.

Phase 1 - Community feedback

A wizard puts forth a draft of the proposal containing the information below on Discourse for 10 days for community comments.

The proposal should include:

  • Project lead and team information including names or aliases, role, and how you make a good fit for the project

  • Summary of the project

  • Goals and rationale

    • What are the goals of this project and how does it benefit the Cult?
    • How would you measure the success of your project?
  • Specifications - detailed breakdown of the project or process, timeline, and steps to implement the proposal including resources required

  • Total cost and payment schedule (if applicable) denominated in ETH or USDC

Phase 2 - Template draft

Once a moderator closes the Discourse topic, they will send the author a Google form template. Author may include community feedback and may add additional fields to fully communicate their intentions. The moderator confirms the draft contains all required fields and assigns the proposal a number.

Phase 3 - Live proposal

Drafts that have been assigned a number will go up for the next monthly vote (top of the month). The community has 7 days to vote. Majority vote will win.

Phase 4 - Implementation or Option for resubmission

If the proposal gets accepted by the community, we move on to the implementation steps laid out by the proposal. If not, the author has the option to change the proposal and resubmit.


Contribution to the DAO for revenue generating projects is not required, but strongly encouraged. We would like to see successful projects pay it forward and further nurture our ecosystem so that we have a sustainable model to fund as many projects as possible. (edited)

For more info on voting, visit:


What is the deadline for the first round of proposals to be voted on and paid out in June? It appears we only have a few weeks to get these in?


Voting for the first round of proposals will begin 6/6 and end 6/10 with funds being released soon after.

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Chiming in here. Since we’re voting June 6, to be safe I’d submit the proposal to Discourse no later than May 20 for the June voting window. Payment will not happen until the legal entity for the DAO has been fully formed, sometime in the summer.

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amazing framework! We’re about to finish the last details to submit our first proposal!

from my understanding the schedule will remain as monthly votes, submiting before the 20 of each month so the proposal can be voted on the following month, is it correct?
so let’s say we submit our proposal tomorrow, if approved will be voted in july?